Halo of Power

In the third Mal Thomas novel, Mal teams up again with the enigmatic billionaire Huw Hudson in a life-or-death battle against a shadowy organization that seeks to control untold wealth and power – and destroy the world’s great democracies and religions.

After the apparent assassination of the Dalai Lama, and in order to keep a promise to His Holiness, Mal, accompanied by a mysterious Buddhist monk, embarks on a journey that takes him from Costa Rica to Nepal to the Bahamas to the Bay of Naples, ultimately leading him into a fight for the lives of those he holds most dear.

In a fast-moving and often sardonic narrative, author Jeremy Holden will have you fascinated by the extraordinary nature of the challenges that confront Mal and his friends as they launch a massive global campaign to tackle one of the great issues of our time – while seeking to counter the sinister forces at work against them.

Halo of Power provides a window into the often-murky world of global business and finance, as well as showcasing the influence of social media-driven mass persuasion.

A sequel that also works as a standalone novel, Halo of Power is the latest in Jeremy Holden’s critically acclaimed Mal Thomas series of mystery novels.