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Welcome to the Halo of Power Book Club. We believe you’ll get the most out of your experience by reading and sharing with others. Use the questions below as thought starters to guide your discussions with fellow readers.

  • Which of the locations featured in Halo of Power did you find the most appealing, and why?
  • How would you characterize the relationship between Mal Thomas and Huw Hudson?
    Does it remind you of other famous fictional partnerships?
    In what way?
  • Of the various underlying societal themes featured in the book (modern slavery, the “Me Too” movement, nationalism fueled by anti-democratic and anti-religious forces), which did you find the most poignant, and why?
  • Without giving away too much of the plot, what did you see as the most surprising twist in Halo of Power?


Several Influential bloggers have already reviewed Halo of Power. Here is a sampling of their quotes:

Lou Good Reads

I feel strongly that this is the best installment yet… The plot is, as always, interesting and excitement-filled… It’s exceptionally well-paced.

It brings to bear thought-provoking societal issues about who really is in charge and the dark forces that often can be at play without the knowledge of the general population. Mr Holden has stated that at the time of planning the final reveal the Me Too movement was just gathering pace, which very much inspired him to mould the powerful team necessary to combat these evil doers… and the satirical humour was a nice touch, too.

Source: Goodreads.com


Halo of Power brings all the great pieces of a mystery novel to today’s political climate for an interesting take on the world. With surprises until the very end, the adventures of Mal Thomas are sure to gain a captive audience.

Source: Black is the New AP Style

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Sea of Doubt Valley of Time Halo of Power

A sequel that also works as a standalone novel, Halo of Power is the latest in Jeremy Holden’s critically acclaimed Mal Thomas series of mystery novels.

Halo of Power was released on March 4, 2019.